Singles' Day 2020
11th of November is the Singles' Day, is a place which holds promo codes and discounts to use that event. Celebrate and save with Aliexpress, GearBest, Banggood and many more!

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Singles' Day – what’s that?

Singles' Day comes from China, which celebrates it the most. That day, the largest shops of Chinese industry, e.g. Alibaba, AliExpress, lower their prices firmly allowing customers to purchase everything they want with amazing discounts. The event is also known as Global Shopping Festival. Nowadays shops from all over the world are joining the party. In Canada, for instance, Geekbuying has prepared its own 11.11 event. It is said that on that date there will be the world’s Singles' Day. If you do have a companion worry not - promo codes, sales and other perks set for this specific day are directed to everyone.

The Singles' Day date

Singles' Day is held each year on 11.11. Therefore the date is set and firm opposing to Black Friday. The specific date was set on purpose. Same numbers symbolise single people who get together to celebrate the positives of having no partner or to mourn their sorrows in the same matter. Promotions set on 11.11 influence people to spend quality time on shopping and buying small gifts.

Singles' day discounts

The day of the alone on 11 November is the fantastic promotions time. Extraordinary opportunities are found mainly on Chinese market representatives like as AliExpress, BangGood or Gearbest. When it comes to Canadian market, clothing shops such as Rotita are willing to participate in the event. What can be expected? Certainly large discounts. You will get a lot of products much cheaper, some with half of the price discounts. For the Single’s Day AliExpress, adding to promotions, each year prepares attractive challenges in which you are able to win coupons of 10 or even 20 dollars value for your next order. The fun starts much sooner, so it’s wise to be following the promotions since November the 1st!

The origins of Singles' Day

The Singles' Day was established by the initiative of a group of Chinese students from Nanjing University, inspired by four ones in the date. Same number reminded them of a group of lonely people. It was a perfect occasion to celebrate being single, they said. Firstly, the custom was known at the university only, but it rapidly spread around the country. In spite of meeting with friends and spending time together is the core of this custom, manufacturers quickly got accustomed to it. At first, family businesses advertised 11.11 promotions, and people were happy to buy small gifts for themselves and for loved ones. This changed back in 2009 because Alibaba launched Global Shopping Festival having singles in mind. The event finished with a great success! So it’s been repeated ever since and new brands join the campaign eagerly.

Cyber Monday was knocked out by Singles’ Day

Worldwide Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday are very profitable events, though Singles' Day is no different. The sales profit was much higher than the one of Cyber Monday, for instance, 2012 was followed by the increase in revenue few times over! What is more on Singles' Day in 2019, lasting 24 hours, the Chinese multinational Alibaba scored sales of 268.4 billion yuan, which is USD 38.4 billion. It’s even more than Amazon got in the quarter before. And that’s just one player! The huge potential exists because consumers adore Singles' Day discounts which make their wallets less light during shopping spree.